Clever Study Nooks and Offices / by James Lauritz

Studies and offices in our homes have long been necessities that have traditionally taken up whole rooms or at the opposite end of the spectrum a slice of the kitchen bench or dining table. With more and more of us taking up the option to work from home where possible the trend of cleverly disguising these functional and necessary spaces in our homes is producing many clever options for you to consider.

From student desks that form part of the built in wardrobes to kitchen cupboards that are a complete home office, we are embracing the idea that our homes can have many functions that do not always need to be on display and, if they are, they can fit cleverly into the available spaces we have rather than dedicating whole rooms to them.

Having a sense of separation between our work and home lives has become more important than ever and the ability to close a door on your work day is infinitely appealing.

We have many clients who have chosen this option for their homes and the results are stunning. Visit or call us today on 03 9308 8811 to see how you too can achieve at home office bliss!