Blum Zoneplanner by James Lauritz

One of the most important aspects of kitchen design is to ensure that the space you are creating works for you and your family and compliments the way in which you live and utilise the space. Blum products are synonymous with quality, practicality and functionality and a look through their website will inspire new ideas and solutions you may not have considered for your space.

Their website also has a handy Zoneplanner that allows you to choose a layout that is similar to your design and concept. You can then build in all of the storage options available in the Blum range including drawers and inserts. Every aspect of the kitchens function has been carefully considered and is then adjustable for your personal preferences. If you love baking you can adjust your storage size to accommodate extra tins and trays or add specialised storage for oils, sauces and spices. By simply adjusting the space requirement in any given area you will easily be able to establish what is needed and how it will look.

Follow the link below and give it a try!


New Caesarstone Product – Primordia 4043 by James Lauritz

Caesarstone has just released a new colour to their stone range and it has a strong industrial feel with a mix of colours to give it interest and depth whilst still providing a relatively neutral backdrop for kitchen and bathroom design. The following video is an interesting look at the concept for the stone and its manufacturing process.


Organic. Industrial.

Unique imperfections accentuate Primordia's industrial look. It’s cool grey complexion echoes the character of concrete. Across its light grey base, soft mineral splotches range in off-whites and greys, combined with darker veils of grey and brown to reflect the oxidised rusts found in nature. Additional traces of faint yellow and washed green, give the surface more body completing this authentic effect.

Primordia's organic appearance reflects topological strata; alluvial layers in stone created over aeons. The material combines these natural aspects with a rough finish, celebrating the beauty of patina and texture while reinventing the kitchen as a beautiful cooking space outfitted with chef-quality appliances and sophisticated accents.

Primordia's visual details evoke the emotion of real stone, suited to benchtops, splashbacks and bathroom interiors. As a grand island, its neutral palette is versatile, blending with other materials such as concrete and dark oak flooring. In lofty spaces, heavier elements such as compressed grey felt, corrugated steel or industrial hardware in brushed or stainless metal complement the surface. Raw terracotta tile adds an organic accent, while brighter shots of colour reveal surprising contrasts.

Check out “Primordia - Crafted For You (1:12)” from Caesarstone Australia at