Kitchen Design Trends for 2019 / by James Lauritz


Interior design trends are forever changing and interpreted in many different ways according to people’s individual spaces and requirements. It is always interesting to look at the projected trends and see how they are influencing our current projects.

Here is a list of kitchen trends for 2019 that Elle Décor has published and you can read more about them here -

1. Clever, concealed storage
2.  Pewter and Gunmetal Hardware
3.  Open shelving
4.  Vintage Vibe
5. Coloured Upholstery
6. Use of Wood
7.   Coloured Cabinetry
8.   Contrasting Textures
9.   Raw Materials
10.  Integrated Appliances
11.   Pendant Light Fixtures
12.  Digital Technology
13.  Hunter Green
14.  Tall Backsplashes

Perhaps this article will provide some inspiration for your project!