Kitchen Design Trends 2020/2021 – Colours Materials and Finishes / by James Lauritz

As each year draws to a close and we look forward to the future there are always predictions of what will be a ‘trend’ in kitchen design. Some simply flow on from this years trends and others require a leap of faith for home owners to make them a reality due to their innovative and bold design.

An emergent trend for 2020 seems to be fluidity of space – our kitchen, living and dining areas blending somewhat seamlessly into one another to create spaces that are not hampered by the traditional division of rooms. This gives us the ability to combine the functions of everyday life with socialisation allowing for more togetherness in our homes.

The use of colour for cabinetry and the addition of metallics to highlight features like marble are great examples of how we can add character and warmth to spaces with a little bravery. Glass cabinets, natural marble and the use of raw materials are all tipped to feature heavily as is the addition of green in all its hues as the prominent colour choice.

Recessed handles will be a popular choice and the continued use of muted and matt surfaces will be prominent.

Interiorzine has written a fantastic article about the emerging trends with images that will have you staring longingly at their beauty.