When designing a kitchen there are many aspects that are considered – not least of which is who uses the space and what are their individual needs? Storage and spatial planning are paramount in achieving a workspace that will not only look great but be pleasant to work in.

Smart kitchen design provides both function and style and by utilising the many options available to customise your cabinetry and drawers you can create the ultimate work space. The range of practical solutions for your everyday kitchen needs by Blum are as aesthetically pleasing as they are useful and they are many and varied.

Popular inclusions include customised cutlery and utensil inserts, spice racks, plate holders, space towers, oil inserts, u-shaped drawers for under sinks, corner cabinets and pot drawer inserts.

The following link to the Blum site will show you an example of how Blum products have been utilised by the Elliot family to customise their space -

Our showroom at MTR has a wide range of solutions on display so that you can visualise how they might work for you and be incorporated into your design.