Laminex Style Quiz / by James Lauritz


A question we often ask our clients is what style would you like to emulate in your cabinetry design and more often than not it is a difficult question for them to answer. Is it a Hamptons look you are after or do you love the look and feel of Industrial spaces? We are often drawn to differing aspects of design styles so trying to narrow down your selections to fit a set of criteria simply may not work in a lot of cases.

Laminex have a great online quiz that you can do in a matter of minutes that helps to define your style. A series of images and questions form the quiz and after completing your answers it will give you a general style and four iterations of that style with differing colour palettes and features.

The questions are fun and cover topics such as which car you would most like to drive and what you might like to eat and you might find the results surprising!