Caesarstone Visualiser / by James Lauritz


Our industry partners have some fantastic tools on their websites to aid in the process of being able to visualise what the materials and finishes you are considering will look like when they are put together. Caesarstone has created a visualiser on their site that has two different styles of kitchens, a bathroom and a commercial space that you can add finishes too and then compare different choices to see which overall look you prefer.


This interactive process allows you to create a summary of the choices that you have made and share your design with family and friends. Added to this you can download a HD image of the space to use as inspiration or a reference when discussing your design with us.

This is a fun and creative way to play with finishes that you may not have previously considered or to simply be able to see your own ideas come to life.

You can try Caesarstone Visualiser yourself by visiting