MTR Custom Wardrobes / by James Lauritz


Those of us who watched Carrie Bradshaw delight in the gift of a custom wardrobe will not forget looking at the scene longingly and imaging ourselves with a perfectly organised oasis of clothes and accessories. At MTR we love creating custom joinery that is as beautiful as it is practical and working with our clients to achieve their ultimate organisational heaven.

The process of designing custom joinery is a very personal one and as such we need to be mindful of what is going to need to be accommodated in the space. Do you like the idea of displaying items like shoes and handbags or would you prefer a more minimal look with closed doors? Do you have a jewellery collection that you would like to display? Custom draw inserts can be created to showcase your personal items with the added benefit of keeping everything organised and easily accessible.

So - what are some of the things you should consider including in your design? The following article has some tips on what to include -